Chapters Podcast

Welcome to the ‘Chapters’ Podcast Live Music Event, which celebrates the lives and journeys of incredible singers, songwriters artists.

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Held in an award-winning venue, located just a few minutes’ walk from Vauxhall tube station, this event will deliver a unique, memorable and interpersonal musical experience, with musical talents sharing memories, stories and life events, via live performances.

Enjoy stunning riverside views and sample food and drinks from a fully stocked bar and restaurant, whilst taking in a stellar experience full of energy and positive vibes. This intimate, once in a lifetime musical experience will culminate with a guest DJ set, guaranteeing you an evening that you will not forget.

The event will be hosted by MC Saabii Boi, an internationally renowned MC and entertainer. As the host of the original Podcast, ‘Chapters: A story in the making of an individual’, MC Saabii Boi aims to give a platform for up and coming talent, allowing a peek into the moments that have given successes, and have truly made individuals who they are.

Throughout the night you will be entertained by a guest Dj and experience live Performances from:

Emily Williamson

Stoke-on-Trent born and bred Emily Williamson, known on stage as Willow Rose, is a singer song-writer whose voice can be best described as a blend of jazz, blues and soul with a contemporary twist. Entering the world of jazz and blues at the age of 12, Emily’s guitar and banjo playing Grandad, ‘Big Hands Fred’, gave her an escape from the classroom and helped her harness a voice that can shake the foundations of any venue. Her big lungs and unique tone, mixed with an emotional vibrato, tell the tales of growing up in an isolated world met with heartbreak, loss and yet a glint of hope for the beauty she has found in the world around her. As an artist, Emily believes that, through expressing her vulnerability on stage, she hopes to portray the lessons and blessings that can come from the tragic moments we all face in life.’

Phoebe White

Phoebe has a powerful voice and is an insightful songwriter. She has been likened to Joni Mitchel, Janis Joplin and Adele. She writes about social issues, love (who doesn’t?) and relationships. Performing her own material and supporting others with backing and topline vocals since her early teens, Phoebe is an engaging performer and experienced studio singer and has worked with some of the industry’s finest. Focussed predominantly on her own material these days, she can be found gigging across the country, with either just her guitar or her full band Feeb and the Queen. The set, which she plans to record this year, travels through rock, blues folk, pop and even disco… always delivered with blues gospel vocals and tribal beats. She has an eclectic approach to musical storytelling and says the music follows the emotion the lyrics need it to convey. Who’s the Queen? Well the music of course. She’s also a huge supporter of fellow artists, runs regular jam and open mic nights across London and offers voice and performance coaching.

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Aug 25 2022


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Battersea Barge

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