Tamesis Dock: The Spooktacular Halloween Boat Party!
19:00 to 01:00
From 31-10-19 to 01-11-19

It’s a Halloween party…BUT ON A BOAT!

Online: £5 (Ticket link coming soon!) | On the Door: £7 | On the Door (+costume): £6

Docked on the Thames, the Tamesis Dock will have a lively array of BIMM artists and bands whose music and spirit live for the revelry and mystery of this spooky season. In the spirit of this crazy night, we suggest to come in costume, which will grant you a cosy little discount on your ticket entry fee. So all you witches and wizard, werewolves and vampires, all the Jims and Pams, come on down and don’t you DARE miss out on the best Halloween boat party of the year!

Doors: 7pm (Note: The venue is a docked boat. It will not leave at any particular time, so do not stress about arriving early. But then again, you’re not the kind of person that likes to miss out right?)

Kansas City Theatre:
Kansas City Theatre are the only rock band you’ll ever want to hear. They’ve got music, they’ve got jams, they’ve got rocket sauce a plenty. They’ve recently released their debut EP homeless and followed up with a single miss you for long (live-ish), they’re working on bringing new material to your ears that will render you well and truly rocked.
SPFWTC (aka Sneak Peek for What’s to Come!): https://open.spotify.com/artist/1e61Yi6bPgo2zheVbka4Y9
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kansascitytheatre/

Vinscat is a 23 years old singer-songwriter from the south of France. Her music is a vivid blend of pop, hip hop and jazz. Her love for hip hop is evident in her staccato lyrical phrasing, juxtaposed with soulful melodies and contemporary pop production.
SPFWTC: https://song.link/i/1456168746
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vinscatmusic/

Quintessenz (Andrin Haag, Colin Lanz, Allan Loew, Yannick Bellotto) released their debut EP “V” in January 2016. It was recorded, produced and designed in its entirety by the four musicians.
Shortly after winning the „Imagine Bandcontest“ in June 2016, Quintessenz received major attention in Northwest Switzerland and grew their fan base through numerous live performances and radio appearances.
Their second EP „Ellipsis“ charted at number 18 in the national album charts in April 2017.
After playing more than 50 concerts within just two years, Quintessenz left their hometown with a reputation of the most booked newcomer band.
SPFWTC: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0OUwEhDLuBawQziUt5trLj?si=pfc5-nmKREmsGw_OadjLBw
Instagram: www.instagram.com/quintessenzqz/

This is Enrique Cesar writing this. I am the bandleader of a six-piece London-based group called Sunflower Ashes. I will warn you this: our music involves a melting pot of genres that range from country to punk rock and bluegrass to metal, which will incline whoever attends our shows to dance, cry, and sing their hearts out. You can learn more about us through the experience of attending a show. We are the dead and living. We are the familiar and the unfamiliar. We are Sunflower Ashes.
SPFWTC: https://youtu.be/492eAYbIkL0
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sunflowerashesofficial/

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