Hire Rates

Whole boat
Friday/Saturday evening whole boat hire – £1,800 hire fee or £7,500 minimum spend.
Daytimes and other days will vary from £1,000-£1,500 hire fee or £2,000-£7,000 minimum spend.
An immediate non-refundable £500 payment is required to secure the booking. 50% of the remainder is then payable 4 months before the date, with final settlement of the hire fee, food and drinks payable 6 weeks before the date.

Lower Deck (with the stage & bar)*
Friday & Saturday evenings: £195 + minimum of 80 people
Sunday – Thursday or daytimes: £100
N.B. From October – April (except December) we only host performances on Sundays – Thursdays. From May – September and December, only Sundays – Wednesdays (with the exception of a Thursday show that can guarantee an audience of 80 people).
For performances with more than one date we require the standard fee plus an additional deposit of £100 for every extra date to guarantee a minimum audience of 45 people.

Rehearsals / additional time for performances / additional time to set up for an event: £30 per hour & subject to availability (discounts may be offered for over 5 hours). Please note that if you require a sound engineer during this time, you will need to liaise and co-ordinate directly with the sound engineer Tom at tom.sochas@gmail.com.

Upper Deck (direct access to the public outside deck)*
Friday & Saturday evenings: £100 + minimum of 50 people
Sunday – Thursday or daytimes: £50 + minimum of 40 people
Please note that the Upper Deck does not have its own speakers. The music will be played from the Lower Deck. The upper deck leads directly on to the outside deck. The outside deck will be open to the whole boat.

Table Booking
4 – 8 seater as a base for your group
£20 deposit which can be used towards food and drink on the night.

*Please note that if you book the upper or lower deck: the other deck has access to the bar, toilets and outside deck, which may be located on your level. Please ask us if you require further clarification.

We will consider waiving the hire fee for higher minimum spends.

Whole day hire for wedding ceremonies
£2,500 hire fee or £8,500 minimum bar spend. Includes:
– arranging own catering (using full service caterers with their own public liability insurance)
– access to the kitchen for catering
A 20% discount is offered on the hire fee (only) for those who wish to use our internal catering services (BBQ/ canapes/ party food)
– chair and table linen hire and set-up – approx £550-£650
An immediate non-refundable £500 payment is required to secure the booking. 50% of the remainder is then payable 4 months before the date, with final settlement of the hire fee, food and drinks payable 6 weeks before the date.

Dry hire
Whole boat hire: from £4,500 for a half-day or £6,000 for a full day.

Barge layout
Click here for the layout and dimensions of the upper and lower decks of the boat.

Confirmation & cancellation
Please note that all of our hire fees are non- refundable and that all bookings are only confirmed upon payment. We are unable to hold dates unless agreed in writing in advance.

Click to download a PDF of our hire information brochure.


When hiring, please note:

If you hire the lower deck, the upper deck (including its bar & the ladies toilet) will be accessible to the public. Table service will occasionally be provided to customers on the upper deck to minimise disturbance.

We do not allow guests or performers to bring their own drinks or food without prior agreement. Doing so may result in the event being disrupted or cancelled.

One fun option for your event might be the hire of a popcorn machine with unlimited popcorn! Let us know if this is something you’d like us to quote for when making your enquiry.

As we are located next to a residential area, we would be grateful if you could take this into consideration when leaving / while aboard. Drop off points are outside Riverlight 2 on Nine Elms Lane (please refer to the map).

Sound and lighting

We have a PA into which you can plug your iPod / laptop. If you require our sound and lighting desk or microphones for a performance, then there will be a charge for a sound and lighting engineer. Fees are typically upwards of £80 for the evening.

If you wish to hire directly and manage the system yourself, there is a registration fee along with fees for using each item: see ‘Tech specs’ below. It is only available to those with experience in sound and / or video, along with 2 written references, and an induction/registration fee of £80. You will need to register at least 1 month prior to your first event and is only recommended if you intend to host regularly with us.

Tech specs

Yamaha 01v96 desk with 16 xlr input channels broadcasting sound to 2 active front of house speakers, 2 subs, 1 monitor and inbuilt ceiling room speakers.

Overhead dimmable spots, 6 LED side lights, 2 LEDS & 6 spots shining on to the stage all of which are controlled by software, switches and dials.

Leads for musical instruments, PCs, game consoles and music players.

The following items are also available to hire:
5’ x 4’ projector screen + projector for use for presentations, film evenings and gaming.
4 mics and stands; 1 keyboard and stand.
Smoke machine and disco lights.

Marketing your event

If you are booking the space for an event for which tickets will be sold to the public, please send details of your event (poster, short description and ticket URL) to mark@batterseabarge.com, so that he can add them to our website.

Table reservations

We also take table reservations for which we require a £20 (non-refundable) deposit that may be spent on food and drink during the reservation. You can make a table reservation here.

Theatre & Dinner Option – 3-course dinner option & a glass of wine – £19.99 (available to all those who have booked their tickets for a performance – price does not include cost of the performance ticket).
See our sample dinner menu. This may vary and specials may also be available.