Sample Menu* **


Free-range chicken kebabs & sweet chilli sauce £5.95
Chicken gyoza (g,ss,so) & sweet chilli sauce £4.95
Calamari (g) & tartare sauce (e) £5.95
Whitebait & tartare sauce (s,g) £4.95
Breaded mushrooms & sweet chilli sauce (e,g) £4.95
Vegan samosas with a sweet chilli sauce (g) £3.95


Free-range handmade beef burger with cheese, bacon and chips served on a brioche bun (g,d,e,ss) £9.95
Free-range chicken & bacon burger on a brioche bun (g,e,ss) £9.95
Aubergine Parmigiana & chips (d) £8.95
Cod & pancetta fish cakes with sweet potato fries (g,s,m) £13.95
Battered cod & chips with tartare sauce (g,e) £13.95


Warm chocolate fudge cake & ice cream (e,g,d) £4.95


Sweet potato fries £3.95
Chips £3.50
Olives £3.00

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* We use free-range meat and eggs in our cooking.

** The advertised sample menu may vary. Table booking is not possible on evenings when the whole boat has been hired privately and food service is not available at all times, so please let us know if you are planning to eat.

Allergens: d-dairy; e-eggs; g-gluten; m-mustard; p-peanuts; s-seafood; ss-sesame; so-soya